Welcome to Bear's Graphix Big Bear Lake on Amazing Postcards


What a great idea to promote your business and our beauty city in an original postcard!

Postcards Includes:

•One pocket in each display rack located in more
than 30 points in Big Bear Valley
•Set up and Design for your Postcard
•FREE photography session (if necessary)
•Your postcard in our web site gallery


Plenty of benefits! Because we're located in many strategic points in the city, and visitors and local residents love our eye catching postcards, your advertisement will reach out to many people who collect them everyday because they want to mail it to a friend or family member, or to make them part of their collection of postcards.


There is only space available for 12 advertisers every month, WHICH MEANS THAT THERE ARE MORE OPPORTUNITIES of being seen by potential clients since our display racks are carefully and strategically located to ensure that the 12 advertisers are seen in an effective and direct manner that will attract more customers their way.


1. People can take it for free!!
2. Your advertising can stay longer in the hands of your potential customer.
3. It's easy to track your results using a QR Code and sending user to your website.
4. Our postcards have been taken by people who visit Big Bear lake from more than 10 countries around the world, also from all over United States.
5. Your postcard can "brand" you and your business in ways that most marketing materials cannot.


About our Promotional Postcards

Thank you for your interest in our promotional postcards, and for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We're everywhere! In Restaurants, bars, shops and many other places, where our display racks are filled with FREE postcards with amazing landscapes of Big Bear and other innovative designs that attract clients, including the broad number of visitors in Big Bear every year! Surely, you’ll want to have one in your house, your purse, in your book, or perhaps you’ll want to collect all of them!